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To the people who are dealing with audio
Thanks for visiting www.mableaudio.com.Here you will find all the amp parts you wnt. We stock all kinds of amp parts you want.Such as tubes,tube sockets,capacitors,resistors,tag board,meter,pot,knob and so on to make you started.We guarantee tubes for 6months. There are more than 100peoples buying parts from us via e-mail.We keep our promise to the customers.

You can send e-mail to us asking for any price.We will give you quickest reply with in 5minutes.You can send payment via Paypal.We usually send parts in three days.In this way,business was done very efficient for both of us.

People who can find us is very glad.Because we provide the lowest price in the world.If you think our price is high,you can send us e-mail and tell me what's your target.If we think we can do without loss,we will give this chance to each other to be business partner.

So come here and source what your want.If you have picture for the parts you want but don't see it on our website,you can also tell us.We can help you to find it.